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Thank you for visiting my website!  I want you to know the issues that are important to NC so that you can go out and share those with friends, co-workers, and family.  Retaining jobs is vitally important in North Carolina right now, as high taxation, regulation, and litigation are driving jobs and entrepreneurs to other states.  Illegal immigration is affecting costs on our health care system, education system, and is eroding state and national security.  Read my "Raleigh Report" to see the issues I have worked on.  Also, I am asking for your support and vote to be Governor.  Together we can make NC better!  Join People Who Want Better Government, my campaign team name, by signing up to volunteer, for emails, and to donate, all right here.

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Campaign News

Download Fern's latest Raleigh Report in PDF Format
How Many Times Can the Governor Get Away With…
The Press is the Problem- Support Alternative Sources
Great late campaign news - Leading Conservative Papers Sing Fern's Praises (Plus endorsement)
WARNING: N.C.Print Media Not Reporting Facts on Terrorist Threat
Shubert Campaign & 9/11 Families for a Secure America Spokesman Peter Gadiel Issue Public Advisory on Several NC Newspapers
9/11 Families for a Secure America Spokesman Peter Gadiel Visits North Carolina with Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign for Governor
Positive Proof Easley Administration Licenses Illegal Aliens. Chief of DMV License Division Spills the beans!
North Carolina Law Says Give Licenses to Illegal Aliens
Shubert Announces Golden Scissors Awards
For Attempts to Influence Public Opinion by Creative Omission of Words or Facts
Governor Again Fails to Show Up for Important Event . .
NC Driver License Security Issue
Senator Fern Shubert Calls for Ceasefire Between Warring Rivals, Asks Them to Resume Earlier Civility
Administration Trumpets “Surplus” & Ignores Debt Shubert Says Use Health Settlement for Health Care & Keep Promises Made to State Employees
9/11 Families Endorse Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign for NC Governor
Senator Fern Shubert's Speech at Republican Convention in Greensboro
Shubert Files For NC Governor And Calls For Change
Senator Hugh Webster To Endorse Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign For NC Governor
Fern Shubert Announces She Will Not Leave Her Post
Senator Fern Shubert Wins Governor Straw Poll by Large Margin
Senator Fern Shubert's campaign for Governor holds Campaign Cookout in Wake County
Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign For Governor Wins Haywood County Straw Poll
Governor's PR Stunt Backfires . . . Easley Proves Shubert's Point
Senator Shubert Welcomes Discussion of Illegal Immigrants

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