For Job Creation

Retaining jobs and a positive business climate.

Keeping the jobs we have in NC is vitally important. Lowering taxes, eliminating red tape, and becoming business-friendly, again, are just a few ways to keep jobs and create more jobs. As a CPA I know how to look at our state's finances and budgets and make a difference for the citizens of North Carolina. You elect leaders to help grow our economy, not drive business away! Join our team, People Who Want Better Government, by supporting and voting for me, and you will know that jobs will be Job 1.

For Better Education

Empowering parents and teachers; making NC students the best.

I have a record of fighting for you, the parent, the educator, the principal. Listening to you and going to bat over the issues you care about is what I have consistently practiced. From unneeded Portfolio requirements to state employee pension funds, I have been the one to sound the bell, and I will continue to listen to make your jobs and our education system the best. Our children and North Carolina's future deserve it!

For Better Roads

Making North Carolina “The Good Roads State” again!

It is great to mark special occasions, but when I found hidden in a corrections bill to allocate money (with no cap to the price!) to a Flight Party from our road money, I had had enough. You deserve better than this, and thankfully, having caught this, it was taken out. We need to get back to better roads and get to it quickly… vote for me and we will start that journey down that path.

For Protecting NC Citizens

Discouraging illegal immigration by reforming the DMV.

The New York Times had an article outlining how illegal immigrants flood to North Carolina to get Drivers' Licenses. The Democrat leadership in North Carolina has been warned many times, but it continues to put our state and our nation at risk, and that has to stop. Those who immigrate to America legally are more than welcome! Those who come illegally are hurting our health care costs and our law enforcement. We North Carolinians are generous people, but it is to the point that our law-abiding citizens are being hurt at the expense of those who break the law. Please vote for me so that we can have better government.

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