Great late campaign news - Leading Conservative Papers Sing Fern's Praises (Plus endorsement)
Fern's campaign is delighted to report that while none of the Democrat-friendly big city daily papers owned by out of state media conglomerates have endorsed her (thank goodness), the Greensboro Rhino Times has been singing her praises and the Charlotte Rhino Times has endorsed her candidacy. The Rhino Times papers are written for real Republicans as opposed to RINOs (Republicans in name only), and Fern is delighted by their support.
WARNING: N.C.Print Media Not Reporting Facts on Terrorist Threat
Shubert Campaign & 9/11 Families for a Secure America Spokesman Peter Gadiel Issue Public Advisory on Several NC Newspapers
Citing inadequate, inaccurate or intentionally misleading coverage by the Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News and Observer, Winston Salem Journal, and Asheville Citizen Times, Senator Fern Shubert and 9/11 Families for a Secure America Spokesman Peter Gadiel issued a warning to the public today.
9/11 Families for a Secure America Spokesman Peter Gadiel Visits North Carolina with Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign for Governor
Peter Gadiel has traveled to North Carolina with a message and personal appeal about the issues of driver license security and illegal immigration in North Carolina.
Governor Again Fails to Show Up for Important Event . . . In First Fight of Election Season, Easley Hides Behind Aide to Attack Shubert's Ads – But He Picked the Wrong Aide
Fearful of the truth coming out before the election, Mike Easley has dispatched his campaign manager Jay Reiff to attack Fern Shubert's ads.
9/11 Families Endorse Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign for NC Governor
We, the 9/11 Families for a Secure America, are writing to urge you to support Sen. Fern Shubert in the Republican primary for Governor of North Carolina.

Published 5/22/2004

Senator Fern Shubert's Speech at Republican Convention in Greensboro
Shubert announces endorsement from 9/11 Families for a Secure America Convention comments warn of press cover-up of security threat “The media weren't reporting. They were taking sides. With our enemies.”

Published 5/22/2004

Shubert Files For NC Governor And Calls For Change
On the first day for filing for the 2004 Governor's race, SENATE REPUBLICAN WHIP, Fern Shubert traveled to Raleigh to throw her hat in the ring. After saying for some time that being in the NC General Assembly was like being on the board of directors of Enron and knowing that management was out of control, Shubert is trying to oust management.

Published 4/26/2004

Senator Hugh Webster To Endorse Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign For NC Governor
Members of the public and the media are invited to attend a luncheon with Senate Republican Whip Fern Shubert, candidate for NC Governor, & Senator Hugh Webster on Thursday, April 22nd, from 11:30am till 2pm at the University Club in Durham.

Published 4/22/2004

Fern Shubert Announces She Will Not Leave Her Post
In light of recent developments, some have wondered what Senator Shubert plans to do about the short session. Since Senator Shubert has always focused on issues rather than politics, she plans to be in the legislature doing the job she was elected to do and working for the people of North Carolina. She realizes she will have to vote on controversial issues, like the incentives bill that was passed over her strong objections in the December special session, but she believes most voters share her views. "I'm giving up a safe Republican seat to run for Governor, but I'm not quitting until I finish the job the voters elected me to do."

Published 4/19/2004

Senator Fern Shubert Wins Governor Straw Poll by Large Margin
Senator Fern Shubert came in first place when the votes from a straw poll were counted Saturday night, March 27. The votes were taken from a crowd of approximately 75 Republicans gathered at the gubernatorial debate arranged by BAC-PAC in Greenville, NC. BAC-PAC (Back All Conservatives Political Action Committee) held a debate at Pitt Community College with the assistance of WNCT-TV Channel 9.

Published 3/28/2004

Senator Fern Shubert's campaign for Governor holds Campaign Cookout in Wake County
Senator Fern Shubert's campaign for Governor will hold a Campaign Cookout in the picnic shelter at North Hills Park at 1000 Chowan Cir. on Saturday, April 10, from 4-6 p.m. in Raleigh.

Published 3/26/2004

Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign For Governor Wins Haywood County Straw Poll
Senator Fern Shubert came in first place when the votes from a straw poll held by the Haywood County Republican Club were counted Saturday night, March 20. From a crowd of approximately 100 Republicans gathered at the Haywood County President's Day event, Senator Shubert received 37.5 percent of the vote. She led the runner up by over 12 percentage points. The President's Day event was held in the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Published 3/22/2004

Governor's PR Stunt Backfires . . . Easley Proves Shubert's Point
For many months, State Senator Fern Shubert has pushed for legislation to halt the practice of giving real government identification (drivers licenses) to people without real proof of their identity. In late December, Governor Easley finally responded, not by supporting the needed legislation but by having DMV issue a press release saying they planned to tighten the procedures for issuance of driver's licenses starting February 2nd .

Published 1/21/2004

Senator Shubert Welcomes Discussion of Illegal Immigrants
Senator Fern Shubert, a candidate for NC Governor, has made reducing illegal immigration into North Carolina one of her top issues. As a result of her study of the issue, she disagrees with President Bush's proposal to reward the illegal aliens in the USA for breaking our laws by granting them legal status.

Published 1/8/2004

Will Easley Endorse Shubert?
Will Easley Endorse Shubert's Bill to Tighten Driver's License Issuance? He's Finally Admitted License Issuance Has Problems.

Published 1/5/2004

Senator Fern Shubert Urges Governor to Do His Job
Governor Mike Easley failed to inform state legislators or the DMV about an IRS warning that each U.S. state should not use tax payer ID numbers to give out drivers licenses to those without Social Security numbers. Sen. Shubert will give the warning and perform the Governor's job!

Published 12/8/2003

Poll Shows Public Support for Shubert's Immigration Policy
A News & Observer poll shows public support for Senator Fern Shubert's desire to halt the flood of illegal aliens into North Carolina.

Published 12/3/2003

Senator Shubert Welcomes Senator Moore
Senator Fern Shubert welcomes senator moore to the Republican Party and urges other conservative democrats to follow his lead.

Published 11/24/2003

Fern Shubert Takes Aim at Gov. Mike Easley's Encouragement of Illegal Immigration
Senator Fern Shubert has added a stance against Gov. Mike Easley's encouragement of illegal immigration as one of her top campaign issues in the race to become the next Governor of North Carolina. Shubert says Governor Easley's encouragement of illegal immigration threatens national security and North Carolina's future. “Why does he want to help people break the law?” Shubert asks.

Published 9/26/2003

Shubert Campaign Focuses on Grass Roots & Fund Raising
“…Shubert … is truly the wild card in this race. She could soar to the front even without a great deal of money to spend. A four-term legislator, Shubert will demand attention for several reasons. She's the only woman, and she's smarter than Cobey, Vinroot and Ballantine put together. She's also pushy and an inexhaustible worker.”—Winston Salem Journal, Sunday September 7, 2003

Published 9/9/2003

Fern Shubert will seek the office of Governor of North Carolina!
People Who Want Better Government announces that at the 7 p.m., August 26th, 2003, joint meeting of Sweet Union Republican Women's Club and Mecklenburg Evening Republican Women's Club, at the Captain's Galley Restaurant on Hwy 74 in Matthews, Senator Fern Shubert will officially announce she will seek the office of Governor of North Carolina.

Published 8/26/2003

Fern Shubert New Governor Candidate!?
On Tuesday, August 5th, to the Stanly County Republican Women's Club, Senator Fern Shubert stated that after being repeatedly asked to run for Governor, she is now considering it. Click on the headline to read a synopsis of her speech.

Published 8/8/2003

Fern Shubert's Bio
Fern H. Shubert is a native North Carolinian, with family ties to the area to before the Revolution. Click the headline to find out more.

Published 8/1/2003

Portfolio: Gov. Easley Vetoed Senate Bill 931
RALEIGH:Gov. Mike Easley Sunday vetoed Senate Bill 931, probably because portfolio advocates objected to section four, which would keep them from achieving their goal of centralizing teacher certification by taking power from principals and parents and transferring it to unaccountable Raleigh bureaucrats.

Published 6/9/2003

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