Senator Shubert Welcomes Discussion of Illegal Immigrants

January 8, 2004

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Senator Fern Shubert, a candidate for Governor, has made reducing illegal immigration into North Carolina one of her top issues. As a result of her study of the issue, she disagrees with President Bush's proposal to reward the illegal aliens in the USA for breaking our laws by granting them legal status.

“We should not reward people for breaking the laws of our nation.” Senator Shubert said. “Doing so will encourage others to break the law. I support the President and I am pleased with his work as our Commander in Chief, but I strongly disagree with his proposal to grant legal status to illegal aliens.”

North Carolina has had the largest percentage increase in illegal immigration of any state in America. This unprecedented and massive wave of illegal immigration is having a negative impact on the state budget. Unemployment numbers reflect the unprecedented growth in job seekers.

“Just this week I was called by a lady in my county, in her fifties without a high school diploma, who has recently lost her job of many years. She's looking for another job but very discouraged because there are so many people in the county now who are willing to work for next to nothing,” said Senator Shubert. “I understand that people from other lands want to come here, but they need to follow the law. Governor Easley has ignored the needs of North Carolina residents by making North Carolina the destination of choice for illegal aliens. By helping those here illegally, he has hurt our lifelong residents.”

“The key word is not immigration,” Senator Shubert said. “The key word is illegal. The federal government decides how many people can legally enter this country. The issue is whether it matters whether people come here legally or not. If it doesn't matter, there is no point in discussing how many should be admitted. If we grant those who have come here illegally preference over those who are still waiting to come here legally, we are undermining the foundation of our government.”

Senator Shubert's campaign was the first campaign for Governor to make illegal immigration a top issue. She has worked for some time to tighten driver license requirements at the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV). For years, illegal aliens have come to North Carolina because North Carolina willingly licenses illegal aliens. DMV periodically claims they are tightening up on license requirements, but it remains state policy to grant licenses to illegal aliens.

“The current Governor, Mike Easley, has rolled out the red carpet to illegal aliens in this state.” Senator Shubert said. “Recently he responded to my call for tighter rules at DMV, not with support for changes in the law, which permits licensing illegal aliens, but with another publicity campaign. The legal residents of North Carolina, and I think that includes most legal immigrants, do not want illegal immigration and they do not want those here illegally rewarded. If elected to serve as Governor, I will do all in my power to reduce illegal immigration and to oppose acts that reward people who break the law.”

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