Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign For Governor Wins Haywood County Straw Poll


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Senator Fern Shubert came in first place when the votes from a straw poll held by the Haywood County Republican Club were counted Saturday night, March 20. From a crowd of approximately 100 Republicans gathered at the Haywood County President's Day event, Senator Shubert received 37.5 percent of the vote. She led the runner up by over 12 percentage points. The President's Day event was held in the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

The other Republican candidates received the following percentage of votes: Patrick Ballantine - 25 percent, George Little - 14.6 percent, Bill Cobey - 12.5 percent, Richard Vinroot - 10.4 percent, Dan Barrett and Timothy Cook - 0.0 percent.

Senator Shubert and her supporters were happy to hear the news. “My campaign hasn't made winning straw polls a priority.” Senator Shubert said. “This simply shows the growing public awareness of my candidacy and confirms my belief that the trend is my friend.”

Senator Shubert was the last candidate to enter the Governor's race, but her name recognition is growing rapidly along with the popularity of her message. A recent Mecklenburg County poll found her in fourth place, behind Cobey, Ballantine and Vinroot, who finished in that order, but ahead of Little and Barrett. A Transylvania County poll earlier Saturday showed her tied with George Little for third place but ahead of Cobey and Ballantine.

“This win in Haywood County confirms what our campaign has noticed over the last few weeks. Several candidates that were originally considered ‘front runners' in this race are losing ground despite spending a lot of money, while my issue oriented campaign is picking up more support every day. ” Senator Shubert said. “The more people know about the candidates, the better I will do in the polls.”

Senator Shubert's campaign has focused on preserving and creating jobs, improving education and roads, and reducing illegal immigration in North Carolina. More information about Senator Shubert, her background, and her campaign messages can be found at

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