Fern Shubert Announces She Will Not Leave Her Post

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In light of recent developments, some have wondered what Senator Shubert plans to do about the short session. Since Senator Shubert has always focused on issues rather than politics, she plans to be in the legislature doing the job she was elected to do and working for the people of North Carolina. She realizes she will have to vote on controversial issues, like the incentives bill that was passed over her strong objections in the December special session, but she believes most voters share her views. "I'm giving up a safe Republican seat to run for Governor, but I'm not quitting until I finish the job the voters elected me to do."

"Since my campaign for Governor is about issues, I want to be in the Senate when those issues are being debated rather than running around trying to raise money. If money decides this election, Mike Easley has already won, since there is no doubt that his control over the state budget gives him an overwhelming fundraising advantage," said Senator Shubert. "Four years ago seats on the Board of Transportation apparently went for $25,000 while this year it looks like the average cost has more than doubled. When voters hear an Easley ad, I want them to wonder how he raised the money to pay for it. Was it their road that didn't get paved?"

Shubert has adopted a unique grassroots approach to campaigning that has not been seen in a statewide race in years. She calls her approach a form of network marketing and says it is the only way to beat the insiders' money machine, pointing out how well this approach has worked for her in the past. It enabled her to win three times in a House district that was so Democrat that no other Republican would run and helped her replace a Democrat Senator, one of the most powerful men in the Senate, who was thought to be unbeatable. Shubert says she sees no reason to tamper with success.

Shubert believes the only way to counter the misleading last minute ads and 60 second spots that have become an unfortunate fixture of most campaigns is by persuading voters to distrust accusations that are out of character. This requires as lot of personal contact rather than an emphasis on raising money and Shubert has been covering the state to make those contacts. She welcomes contributions, but she's not spending her days dialing for dollars.

"I was honored when my fellow Senators elected me Whip before I was even sworn in as a Senator, and I think that reflects the confidence they felt in my effectiveness. I think I can be most effective as a candidate for Governor by continuing as Whip and showing voters that I vote like I talk," said Shubert. "Besides, I don't want to anoint a successor or deny the people of the district the opportunity to vote on my replacement in an open race."

"Most importantly, I don't want to win the primary by outspending my fellow Republicans and lose in November. My goal is build such a strong foundation in winning the primary that no amount of money can save the insider machine, and I think I'm making great strides in that direction."

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