Shubert Files For NC Governor And Calls For Change

Monday, April 26, 2004

Contact: Senator Fern Shubert: While she is filing at Noon at the NC State Board of Elections

Located at 506 N. Harrington St., Raleigh, NC. (704) 242-2722

On the first day for filing for the 2004 Governor's race, SENATE REPUBLICAN WHIP, Fern Shubert traveled to Raleigh to throw her hat in the ring. After saying for some time that being in the NC General Assembly was like being on the board of directors of Enron and knowing that management was out of control, Shubert is trying to oust management.

"If you like big government and bad roads, do nothing to help me defeat Mike Easley and that's what you'll get." Shubert said. "The other primary candidates criticize Easley as a do-nothing Governor, but he has really been very effective in raising taxes, increasing debt, and growing government so it can do more favors for the insiders that run it."

Shubert, a certified public accountant who has won national recognition from the US Small Business Administration for her work for small business, warned of job losses long before Pillowtex closed. "The Easley administration ignored the needs of North Carolina workers," Shubert said.

Shubert expected her key issues to be jobs, education, and roads, but she has added a fourth issue, illegal immigration, because of the public safety threat posed by the current administration's policy of helping people break the law. Despite an IRS warning that issuing driver licenses based on Taxpayer Identification Numbers poses a security risk, North Carolina continues to accept Taxpayer ID numbers.

The theme that ties all her issues together, Shubert says, is corruption and mismanagement. The government is misinforming the public about how they are spending public funds.

"If money decides this election, Mike Easley has already won since there is no doubt that his control over the state budget gives him an overwhelming fundraising advantage," said Senator Shubert. "Four years ago seats on the Board Of Transportation apparently went for $25,000 while this year it looks like the average cost has more than doubled. When voters hear an Easley ad, I want them to wonder how he raised the money to pay for it. Was it their road that didn't get paved?"

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