Senator Fern Shubert's Speech at Republican Convention in Greensboro

Speech given at the 2004 Republican Convention in Greensboro:

The insiders have run NC longer than the Communists ran the Soviet Union. It is time for a change. If you're tired of rotten roads and recurring scandals, losing jobs and the fact that according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress only 1 child in 3 will learn to read well by 4th grade, for black children 1 in 10, then do something about it. Change management.

My name is Fern Shubert and I'm not one of the good old boys. I didn't vote for Jim Black, Mark Basnight, or the incentive giveaways at the oh-so-special special session last December. If you're tired of business as usual and pay-to-play politics, I urge you to check my record and then share it with others. I'm running for Governor on my record, not away from it.

But most of you don't know my record, and you should ask yourself why. Just before coming here I read an article from the New York Post written by someone with access to insider reports from the battlefield from the US military who had watched the al-Jazeera and BBC reporting of the same fighting. He said, “I saw two different battles. The media weren't reporting. They were taking sides. With our enemies. And our enemies won.”

Think about that.

If you base your opinions in this election on the mainstream media, including their polls, our enemies win. Most of you know little or nothing about me because I'm the candidate the Democrats least want to see on the ballot in the fall. I've too many accomplishments to list and I've beaten the Democrat election machine like a drum, but the press has called me ineffective and a “dim bulb,” just like they call our President, a Harvard MBA, dumb.

I was asked to run for the House because no Republican could win in such a Democrat district. I won it three times. When I ran for the Senate, I was told there was no way to retire the incumbent. Wrong again. And if money decides the fall election, as some would have you believe, it is already over and Easley has won because he is mortgaging our future to raise campaign cash. But if I'm the candidate, I don't think there is any amount of money that can save Easley and the Democrat machine.

If Easley has to run against me, he will be missing a lot of members of two core constituencies . . .state employees and teachers. They will know I've tried to protect their pensions and health benefits while he has been raiding them, and that I managed to protect teachers from the portfolio fiasco even though he vetoed my bill. You don't know about those fights because the press didn't report them.

Just like the North Carolina press has buried one of the biggest stories in the country for over two years. NC is known throughout the world as the place to come if you need a real fake ID. Our current Governor is more liberal than California's Gray Davis on issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens, some of whom may be terrorists, but you'd never know it from the press. The press keeps saying we've tightened up since 9/11, but NC law is actually weaker now than it was before the terrorists used planes to kill over 3000 people.

Because of my efforts to protect public safety, the 9/11 Families for a Secure America have offered their support in my campaign for governor. They confirm that I'm “the only person in either party running for Governor” who has been working to address this issue. And this is a very big issue and a very big cover-up. Our press has taken sides, or you would know this story. Check my web site, .

Now if you're just here as spectators, this makes no difference. Just follow the press, treat the governor's race like a horse race and try to pick the winner. But if you want to fix what is wrong in NC so we can give our children the same opportunities we have enjoyed, you'd better compare candidates for yourself, pick the best, and help me get elected.

If you want someone to clean up the Raleigh swamp, you don't ask the alligators who to hire. You find someone who knows where the alligators live and who has shown a talent for twisting their tails. That's me.

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