9/11 Families Endorse Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign for NC Governor

The families of the victims of September 11, 2001

Box 911-159 47-01 Greenpoint Ave. NY NY 11104 www.911fsa.org

For Immediate Release

To voters in the North Carolina Republican gubernatorial primary:

We, the 9/11 Families for a Secure America, are writing to urge you to support Sen. Fern Shubert in the Republican primary for Governor of North Carolina.

The membership of 9/11 FSA is made up the families of those murdered in the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 and of survivors of those attacks. We know that the American drivers' licenses the terrorists possessed were essential tools that enabled them to carry out the murders of our children and parents, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers. In fact, the 19 terrorists possessed a total of 63 US-issued drivers' licenses from three states. These licenses were the “valid ID” that enabled them to board the aircraft they used as weapons of mass murder.

Despite the crucial role played by drivers' licenses in letting the 9/11 conspirators murder our family members, a few states, INCLUDING NORTH CAROLINA still issue licenses to illegal aliens and the unknown terrorists among them.

YOU have the power to end this dangerous practice. You can do it by voting for Fern Shubert.

FERN SHUBERT IS THE ONLY PERSON IN EITHER PARTY running for Governor who has been working to change your state's licensing law to prohibit illegal aliens and terrorists from getting North Carolina official “ID.”

If there had been more people like Fern Shubert holding political office before September 11, 2001, the mass murderers might never have gotten licenses, might never have been able to board those aircraft…and perhaps our loved ones would be alive today.

We can't bring home to us those we lost on 9/11/01, but we can help prevent more terrorist acts by asking you to elect Fern Shubert as Governor of North Carolina.

Board of Directors , 9/11 Families for a Secure America

Peter & Jan Gadiel, Parents of James, age 23, WTC, North Tower 103rd Floor; Monica Gabrielle, Wife of Rich Gabrielle, WTC, South Tower; Colette Lafuente, Wife of Juan Lafuente, WTC visitor; Bill Doyle, Father of Joseph; Sally Regenhard, Mother of Firefighter Christian Regenhard; Wil Sekzer, Detective Sergeant (Retired) NYPD, Father of Jason Age 31, WTC, North Tower, 105th Floor; April Gallop, Pentagon Survivor; Joan Molinaro Mother of Firefighter Carl Molinaro; Bruce DeCell (NYPD, Retired) Father in law of Mark Petrocelli, age 29, WTC, North Tower, 105th floor; Diana Stewart, Only wife of Michael Stewart; Grace Godshalk, Mother of William R. Godshalk, age 35, WTC, South Tower, 89th Floor; Lynn Faulkner, Husband of Wendy Faulkner, WTC South Tower; Alice Kelly, Mother of Joseph Kelly, age 40, WTC, North Tower, 105th Floor.

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