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October 18, 2004
Contact: Senator Shubert (704) 242-2722, Jerry Shubert (704) 242-3519, and Bill Gheen (919) 272-8238

Clearly Mike Easley made a major misstatement of fact in the debate Friday night, but I sure haven't read anything about it in the papers. This is hardly a surprise. Most of the major papers in this state are owned by out-of-state media conglomerates and tend to reflect decidedly skewed political views.

In fact, when I challenged one paper that strongly suggested I was a racist, one of its editors explained that they were perfectly justified in calling me a racist because anyone who opposes giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants must be a racist.

Fortunately he explained his logic or I might never have understood their viewpoint. You see, they believe that if you oppose licensing illegals, you must be anti-immigrant even if you support legal immigration. If you are anti-immigrant, you must be anti-Hispanic since most immigrants to NC are Hispanic. And if you're anti-Hispanic, you're obviously a racist. Q.E.D.

In their opinion, there is no need to report what I say, since they know in their superior wisdom what they want me to say and they report that instead of my actual comments. After all, they wouldn't want the public to be able to form an opinion based on the facts, because it might not be the opinion they want to create, so they just leave out facts
Thanks to the internet, there are a lot more ways than the morning paper for people to learn about what's happening in Raleigh.

For example, my web site, is still up and still has the documentation that demonstrates the dishonesty of Easley's claim to have stopped issuing licenses to people who lack a social security number.

Also, some of the people who helped in my campaign have started an organization called Americans for Legal Immigration ( ) to provide a source of information for those interested in this issue as well as a means of supporting candidates at the federal level who are working to address the security problems pointed out in the 9-11 Commission Report. I strongly encourage you to check them out and to share the link with your friends.

More information about Senator Shubert's campaign and Mr. Gadiel's organization can be found at
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