Governor Again Fails to Show Up for Important Event . . . In First Fight of Election Season, Easley Hides Behind Aide to Attack Shubert's Ads – But He Picked the Wrong Aide
Fearful of the truth coming out before the election, Mike Easley has dispatched his campaign manager Jay Reiff to attack Fern Shubert's ads. The ads point out Easley's willingness to help terrorists and other law-breakers. According to the Raleigh News and Observer, “Reiff called the ads ‘shameful'” and said they were “false and manipulative.”
“Shameful? How about Truthful” Shubert responded. “What's shameful is the way the leaders of the Democrat party have deceived the public, including many loyal Democrats, about what they're doing to help people who are breaking the law and endangering our citizens. There is no doubt Easley is ‘helping illegal aliens and the terrorists who hide among them.'”
“I challenge the Governor to point out anything in the ads that is untrue,” Shubert continued. “Most of the text actually came from the letter the 9-11 Families for a Secure America sent endorsing my campaign. The only voice, other than mine giving the required campaign disclosure, is that of Peter Gadiel, whose son Jamie was killed by terrorists. Peter feels so strongly that Easley needs to be stopped from helping terrorists that he contributed personal funds to help pay to air the ads.”
Shubert also pointed out the irony of the fact that the Governor, who is notorious for failing to show up at events, once again failed to show up and sent someone else to attack her. Unfortunately, he chose someone notorious for mudslinging who actually sent out an attack email in South Carolina showing a picture of an Afghan money trader with an armload of cash and the comment “Mark Sanford caught taking bundles of cash from the Taliban.”
It is interesting to note that Jay Reiff was the campaign manager for incumbent South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges. His inappropriate attacks on Sanford helped Sanford defeat Hodges. I'm delighted that Reiff is helping Governor Easley. I hope his mudslinging produces the same effect in North Carolina that it did in South Carolina,” Shubert observed.
The ads speak for themselves. Anyone who wants to see them, the history of this issue, or the endorsement letter from the 9-11 families, can go to North Carolina's law was changed in September 2001 in a way that aids terrorists and other law-breakers.
According to Wayne Hurder, Director of the DMV License Division, “The fact that a person is in the United States without the permission of the Department of Homeland Security is irrelevant as far as North Carolina DMV is concerned, as per NCGS 20-7 and NCGS 4.01.” Is Reiff going to call Hurder's statement “false?” If not, Easley needs to explain his support for “helping illegal aliens and the terrorists who hide among them.”

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