9/11 Families for a Secure America Spokesman Peter Gadiel Visits North Carolina with Senator Fern Shubert's Campaign for Governor
Monday, July 11, 2004
Contact: Peter Gadiel (203) 470-5820, Senator Shubert (704) 242-2722, Jerry Shubert (704) 242-3519, and Bill Gheen (919) 272-8238.
Peter Gadiel has traveled to North Carolina with a message and personal appeal about the issues of driver license security and illegal immigration in North Carolina.
Mr. Gadiel will be traveling around North Carolina with Senator Fern Shubert or members of her campaign today through Friday. Mr. Gadiel is a spokesman for the organization “9/11 Families for a Secure America” which is made up of hundreds of families that lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. Their organization has had an interest in North Carolina for several years due to our state's lax license security and high level of illegal immigration.
Senator Shubert's campaign recently received national attention for her campaign commercial that included images of the September 11 attacks. Mr. Gadiel and members of his organization encouraged the use of the images and helped fund the commercial.
Mr. Gadiel is interested in speaking with groups, organizations, and members of the NC Media. More background information can be found at www.forfern.com
Please use the contact information above to schedule an interview with Peter Gadiel and or Senator Fern Shubert.
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