WARNING: N.C.Print Media Not Reporting Facts on Terrorist Threat
Shubert Campaign & 9/11 Families for a Secure America Spokesman Peter Gadiel Issue Public Advisory on Several NC Newspapers
For Immediate Release
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Contact: Peter Gadiel (203) 470-5820, Senator Shubert (704) 242-2722, Jerry Shubert (704) 242-3519, and Bill Gheen (919) 272-8238
Citing inadequate, inaccurate or intentionally misleading coverage by the Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News and Observer, Winston Salem Journal, and Asheville Citizen Times, Senator Fern Shubert and 9/11 Families for a Secure America Spokesman Peter Gadiel issued a warning to the public today.
“Most radio stations, TV crews, and many smaller newspapers are doing what they can to accurately report the facts.” Senator Shubert says. “The print media, in particular the large city newspapers in North Carolina, are not. I have made it as clear as I can that my concern is not race or legal immigration, only the threat posed by ILLEGAL immigration, yet those papers repeatedly omit facts or put words in my mouth to make it appear I've taken positions I have specifically rejected. The public needs truthful and accurate descriptions on the issues of illegal immigration and our security and they are not getting it from these four papers.”
Senator Shubert's campaign is credited with making illegal immigration and drivers license security a hot issue in the NC gubernatorial race. During the News 14 debate on July 12, her opponents in the GOP primary thanked her for her work on the issue and for bringing it to the table.
“My organization endorsed Senator Shubert and asked for the 9/11 images to be used in her commercial, and we are doing all we can to tell the people of North Carolina about the dangers of lax drivers license security and illegal immigration. It is clear from what I've read in these publications that certain newspapers are out to distort the message and to misrepresent what Senator Shubert is saying,” says Peter Gadiel.
“I will do all that I can this week to rectify that. I will be visiting these publications and I would like to thank the radio stations and TV crews that have accurately portrayed these issues and the facts. NC residents would be well advised to exercise caution when reading about this in the large city papers,” he said.
Peter Gadiel and Jerry Shubert are in Western North Carolina today meeting with WWNC, WLOS-TV, the Asheville Citizen Times, and other media. They plan to move eastward over the next three days in an effort to present accurate information to the citizens of North Carolina. Senator Shubert will travel with them as her legislative schedule permits. Please contact us for interview scheduling with Peter Gadiel and Fern Shubert.
More information about Senator Shubert's campaign and Mr. Gadiel's organization can be found at
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