Great late campaign news - Leading Conservative Papers Sing Fern's Praises (Plus endorsement)

For Immediate Release
Monday, July 19, 2004

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Fern's campaign is delighted to report that while none of the Democrat-friendly big city daily papers owned by out of state media conglomerates have endorsed her (thank goodness), the Greensboro Rhino Times has been singing her praises and the Charlotte Rhino Times has endorsed her candidacy. The Rhino Times papers are written for real Republicans as opposed to RINOs (Republicans in name only), and Fern is delighted by their support.

Charles Held wrote a column recently that suggested for Republicans to look to the big city dailies for advice in a Republican primary was like asking a vegetarian for help in deciding whether Morton's or Sullivan's offered the best steak. Since the vegetarian is opposed to eating meat, he has no idea of the merits of the respective restaurants, and if he did he would probably suggest the worst in hopes of discouraging steak eating. Similarly, it often appears the big city dailies endorse Republicans based on which candidate they would like to see run against the Democrat so the Democrat can win.

It was interesting to note that a recent poll being touted by the media only gave the voters three names from which to choose. It is clear that the Democrats don't care which of the "top three" Republican candidates faces Easley. But judging from the increasing volume of their attacks on Fern, they are very worried she might just win.

The experts are projecting a low turnout and that is good because it means more informed voters compared to those who only know what they heard in an ad. The more voters know, the more likely Fern i s to win. Please be sure to vote tomorrow and urge everyone else who supports Fern to do the same. Thank you.

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